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After a colleague recommended that I try Papa G's because they have amazing food and service I drove the 20+ minutes to try it out and it did not disappoint! Thank you so much for the awesome food and service, I will definitely be returning and will also be passing on my great reviews to others. :)
Best pizza in the area
Hedley Roth
Quick and tasty
Delicious will be a return customer
We were very happy with the service and the pizzas were great. It was a really hot and busy Friday night and the pizzas arrived home delivered earlier than expected.
Oh my goodness!!! The best risotto ever!! The best parmigianas and did we mention the pizzas?!! The best there is! Try some people, you will love it!!!
Dean Matthews
Had a small pescatore and a small with the lot. Ratings go from average to impressive above. It was a bit better than average, good or a 7/10. Pescatore needs a bit more tomato and perhaps rocket or some other ingredient as it was a bit cheesey/creamy. The lot was ok. Overall a 7/10.
Attila Ori
GREAT SERVICE, QUICK DELIVERY, PIZZA'S GREAT ... delivery person polite and pleasant .. will use again!
Alison Shand
Delicious pizza, good service. Hot and fresh.
Melissa Vercoe
Always love their pizza's! Keep up the good work & friendly service (too easy ordering online -great idea !! thanks for making it even easier !!!
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